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Later Never Comes: Overcoming Procrastination and Achieving the Success You Deserve
Do you put things off until you're under tremendous deadline pressure? Do you frequently say “I’ll handle that later”? Do you dread looking at your task list because it’s just too long? Do you feel guilt or shame about not getting things done on time (or at all)? Do you pay late fees and penalties because of procrastination? This workshop will teach you the common causes of procrastination and some sure-fire tactics to overcome it, so you can live effectively and achieve your most important goals.

Conquering Roadblocks To Productivity
Do you know you could be more productive and effective, yet you aren't sure how to be? Do you feel frustrated at how little you accomplish every day? Are you big goals eluding you? If so, this interactive workshop will teach you solid strategies to address the three major roadblocks to productivity: Unclear priorities, interruptions and distractions, and procrastination. You’ll learn to focus on what matters most, manage interruptions, the steps to successful delegation and how to overcome procrastination so you can achieve your personal and professional goals.

Beyond The In Box: Workspace Strategies to Eliminate Chaos
Let's face it: the paperless office is still a myth. Do you feel that you're drowning in paper clutter? Has technology become more of a burden than a tool? Are you swamped with emails or chronically late? Have you ever lost an important document or missed a meeting because of disorganization at work? Beyond the In Box will help you regain control of your work, your professional reputation and your success and put YOU back in the driver's seat of your career.

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