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1. Passion. I founded Catalyst Organizing in 1998 because I believe it’s your duty as a human being to express your gifts, talents and passions in the world. I believe simplicity and organization help make that possible. When you choose to invest in improving your life, you are not spending money on a one-time service like a sink repair or a new roof. You are investing a renewable resource in your happiness, your self-image, peace of mind and in yourself. And what better investment can you make than in yourself?

2. Experience. Since 1998, my team and I have helped hundreds of homeowners and business professionals get organized, improve productivity and effectiveness, and move toward creating simpler, powerful, joyful lives. We do this through speaking engagements, trainings, time management coaching, space design & organization, paper management, and process evaluation and improvement.

3. Support. We have no agenda. We will not judge you, ridicule you, or make you feel ashamed of your disorganization, as perhaps you have felt judged in the past. We believe that disorganization is a matter of learning and new attitude & habit creation, not a challenge of character.

4. Motivation. We provide motivation that lasts long after our actual work sessions are over. Many clients continue to work alone for days after we've gone, calling in to report what great progress they've made on their own! Nothing makes us happier! We want to teach you to change your life, not change it for you.

5. Mediation. We act as mediators between you and your clutter to help you to separate from it and feel good about it. We will bring the proper perspective to your situation – a perspective you may have lost.

6. Mind-opening. We help you open your mind to new ways of perceiving your clutter, chaos, and disorganization. It is our goal to teach you to free yourself from your old habits and thinking patterns, which created your present situation.

7. Creative Expertise. We will come up with creative (and sometimes unorthodox) solutions that work for YOU. We’re not into creating cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all solutions.

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